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Such as boats, cars, computers, motorcycles, refrigerators, RVs, etc. that frequently fail to meet the set standards of quality and performance. These products are commonly referred to as “lemons”. There are both state and federal lemon laws that protect the interests of consumers. The rights afforded to consumers by lemon laws may exceed ny warranties expressed in purchase contracts.

The Federal Lemon Law is also referred to as The Magnuson Moss Warranty Act in legal terms. Most of the states also have independent laws and acts that govern lemons. These laws are named differently in each state and vary considerably from state to state. More information on these state laws can be found here.

The first lemon laws were passed in 1982 in the state of California and Connecticut and were designed to protect consumers from recurring problems with their new products. Since then it has been extended to other consumer products. A “lemon” is generally regarded as a product which has defects that substantially impairs its use, value, or safety. Generally, if the product has been repaired a number of times for the same defect within the Warranty Period, the product qualifies as a Lemon.

Lemon laws establish a standard on when the product should be repurchased or replaced by the manufacturer. A lemon law contains eligibility requirements, notice requirements, and also set out specific remedies that a consumer may have in a legal action against the manufacturer if a product cannot be fixed to conform to the warranty after a reasonable number of repair attempts. It is important for you to know your rights and responsibilities under the lemon law.
Research your State’s Lemon Law or get Lemon Law Consultation from the Krohn & Moss Consumer Law Center®

The Krohn & Moss Consumer Law Center® wants to help you understand your rights and responsibilities under the Lemon Law, and equip you with the information and expertise needed to obtain a fair resolution.

Some state specific lemon laws may apply only to consumer products owned by individuals and used primarily for personal, family, or household use. You may still qualify for relief under various federal and state laws, even if you have a product that is used for commercial purpose. Contact Us for a free review of your lemon situation.

Qualify for protection under a Lemon Law:

  • The consumer must have a defective product that has not been fixed within a reasonable number of repair attempts as defined by your state.
  • The product has undergone repairs for the same problem or has been out of service by reason of repair for more than a reasonable number of days during the warranty period.
  • Any problem that substantially impairs the use and market value of the product and the warrantor is unable to make the product free from defects within a reasonable number of attempts.

You qualify under the lemon law for your product, you may be entitled to receive a refund or a replacement product, plus sales taxes, licensing and title fees, registration fees, rental product costs and towing charges in case of automobiles, as well as any finance or interest charges and attorney fees. Generally, the choice of refund or replacement product is that of the consumer and not the manufacturer.

If you have a lemon law claim,

  • Check the product’s warranty in order to inform yourself about the proper steps to take so as to guarantee legal recourse.
  • Determine the number of times the product has been in for a repair
  • Contact the Krohn & Moss Consumer Law Center® by calling our toll-free telephone number
    1-800-US-LEMON (1-800-875-3666),
    emailing us at queries@consumerlawcenter.com,
    or completing our Free Lemon Law Case Review.

At the Krohn & Moss Consumer Law Center®, if your claim is proven to be successful, the manufacturer is responsible for paying our fees and costs. If the claim is not successful, the manufacturer is not required to pay our fees. However, you will still NOT OWE US anything. By representing you we are indicating that we believestrongly in the merits of your claim.

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