Ford MyTouch & Lincoln MyTouch Sync Problems

Is your MyTouch system plagued with problems?

Are you experiencing numerous problems with your Ford MyTouch or Lincoln MyTouch system? Many people are, and Ford knows about the problems. The New York Times describes the many MyTouch malfunctions as “issues.” The Huffington Post calls the entire MyTouch system “glitch-prone.” Consumer Reports says the problems are NOT user error. Ford itself has published two bulletins on the MyTouch system (one in September, 2011, and another in July, 2012) acknowledging the issues and admitting that the fix will only “temporarily restore function,” and stating that “no further repairs should be performed.”

What is one to do when a vehicle they paid a lot of money for is not working properly and can’t be fixed?

The law offers you more protection than just “living with” the problems with your vehicle or “taking it back in for repair again.” The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act says that defects in vehicles have to be fixed in a reasonable number of attempts or within a reasonable amount of time. If the manufacturer cannot do that, then it broke its promise to you to fix defects under the warranty and you may be entitled to compensation.

Contact Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center® to find out if you qualify for cash compensation under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act.

  • Call 1-800-US-LEMON (800-875-3666), or
  • Directly contact the Lemon Law attorney listed on our website for your state

You should contact Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center® immediately if you have experienced ANY of the following functionality issues with your Ford MyTouch or Lincoln MyTouch system

  • Updates performed on the MyTouch system by a dealership
  • Unexpected reboot of the system
  • Blank display screen
  • Display screen lock/freeze
  • Mytouch system crash
  • Error message about “SD card fault”
  • Sirius travel link hourglass
  • Incorrect clock time
  • Missing preset text
  • Radio stays on after the key is out of the ignition and after opening the door
  • Voice recognition does not work (push to talk does not work)
  • Steering wheel buttons do not work
  • Sirius travel link fuel price does not work

Our lemon law attorneys will advise you about your rights under the applicable laws, explain how the process works, take the time to answer all of your questions and provide to you the necessary advice to best protect yourself against the manufacturer and put yourself in the best possible position to achieve a refund or replacement under the laws. Our lemon law attorneys know the “ins and outs” of lemon laws and breach of warranty laws, and will help get you the relief you are entitled to. If you are ready to check your rights under the lemon law or Warranty Act and want to finally dispose of your sour lemon of a car then call 1-800-USLEMON® (800-875-3666) to reach Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center® for a Free Case Review at no cost or obligation to you.

*If you are awarded a repurchase of your vehicle or a replacement through settlement or arbitration that does not include a provision for payment of attorneys’ fees, you may be required to pay for the attorneys’ fees incurred should you accept such an award.

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