Arizona Lemon Law FAQs

FAQs About Your Lemon Law Rights

Is there a Lemon Law in Arizona for private party sales?

YES. Even in private party sales, the Lemon Law may still provide protection provided the car was ac...

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YES. Even in private party sales, the Lemon Law may still provide protection provided the car was accompanied by the balance of a car manufacturer’s warranty. Most vehicles sold “new” today are accompanied by a written warranty from the car manufacturer of a long duration. These warranties are almost always transferrable to the next car purchaser, which would include private party sales. As such, if you purchased a vehicle from a private party and that vehicle is still covered by the manufacturer’s new car warranty then you have rights.

Just like a new car, you have the right to have your vehicle repaired at any of the car manufacturer’s dealers of your choosing in the nation. Should the dealer fail to repair the vehicle after being afforded a reasonable opportunity to do so, the federal Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act would provide you with a remedy to bring a claim for “breach of warranty” damages and payment of attorneys’ fees and costs. Additionally and under certain circumstances, state lemons may also provide you with additional protection and the ability to seek a refund or replacement vehicle. Since these laws vary from state to state, contact an attorney experienced with handling breach of warranty and lemon law claims to best protect your rights.

FAQs About Your Lemon Law Rights

How We Can Help Your Lemon Law Situation?

It is estimated that more than 150,000 cars annually, or about one percent of all new cars, are cons...

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It is estimated that more than 150,000 cars annually, or about one percent of all new cars, are considered lemons. Although state and federal lemon laws vary, a lemon is generally considered any vehicle that has repeated defects or non-conformities that cannot be repaired after a reasonable time or a reasonable number of attempts. If you want to take advantage of state and federal lemon laws for car purchases, it’s important to understand what qualifies as a lemon and what steps you need to take to put yourself in the best position to receive maximum possible relief under the law. The attorneys at Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center® have worked in this area of law since 1995 and can help you assess your claims and counsel you on the best course of action for moving forward. Should you qualify for relief, we will do our best to ensure that you settle your claims for what the law entitles, which may be a refund for your car, a replacement vehicle, or monetary compensation in other instances. We will also not charge you a fee unless you win or settle your case.

FAQs About Your Lemon Law Rights

What is a reasonable number of repair attempts to repair my car?

Before being able to reap the benefits of the lemon law, you must allow the manufacturer or dealer t...

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Before being able to reap the benefits of the lemon law, you must allow the manufacturer or dealer to make a reasonable number of attempts or you must provide them with a reasonable time to fix the issues before your vehicle may be considered a lemon. Although every state law varies, most states require that the consumer provide the manufacturer or its dealers with at least3 times or 30 days to fix a vehicle defect or non-conformity. In some states, as little as 1 repair attempt may be sufficient to deem a car a lemon if the defect is something that affects the safety of the vehicle.

How to Request a Refund or Replacement

Consumers may request a refund of their money or a replacement vehicle under the Arizona Lemon Law if excessive repair attempts have occurred during the first two (2) years or twenty-four thousand (24,000) miles of ownership. Generally speaking, it is required that you provide the automobile manufacturer, through their authorized representatives (the dealer), a minimum of four (4) opportunities to make the repairs. Or, in the alternative, if your vehicle has been out of service for repair greater than thirty (30) days.

How to Apply the Arizona Lemon Law

For used vehicles, consumers are protected if a major component breaks on a vehicle that is less than 10,000 pounds and the breakdown occurs sooner than the first five hundred (500) miles or first fifteen (15) days of ownership. In order for an used vehicle to qualify as a “lemon”, the automobile must be for use on public roads.

When should you seek a lemon law lawyer?

You should seek the assistance of a qualified Lemon Law attorney any time you find yourself in a situation with a vehicle that exhibits repeat problems. The manufacturer of your vehicle (rather than the dealer) is the one that will be pursued in a court of law, and more often than not, they will retain an attorney of their own to defend themselves. Therefore, a competent Lemon Law attorney will provide counsel and explain your rights under the Arizona Lemon Law. At Krohn and Moss, Ltd., Consumer Law Center®, we can advise you on the proper strategy to take and will take the necessary steps to put you in a position to prevail in a court of law against the automobile manufacturer. Not only will the attorneys at Krohn and Moss, Ltd., Consumer Law Center® guide you, but we will also properly document your file and your case which is crucial to being successful.

Each of the 50 states has a unique Lemon Law that protects consumers from having to endure the expense of multiple repair attempts to fix the same defect on a car. At the federal level, consumers are also protected by warranty laws that apply to all consumer products, including vehicles. The Arizona Lemon Law protects consumers who have purchased a defective vehicle, meaning that consumers can get compensation once they have discovered that your vehicle is truly a “lemon.”

Contact an experienced lemon law firm

In addition to prosecuting your case, the attorneys at Krohn and Moss, Ltd., Consumer Law Center®, work diligently to satisfactorily resolve your case without ever having to go through litigation. In the alternative, we can assist you with arbitration proceedings for those vehicles bound by certified arbitration programs. Owning a Lemon doesn't mean being stuck with one or simply being out of luck. Krohn and Moss, Ltd., Consumer Law Center® will provide a free consultation to evaluate the facts of your case and determine how to get started resolving your “lemon” situation today. You can contact us online at and quickly submit your details. We will respond with a free case evaluation and provide direction. Since the Arizona Lemon Law has strict time parameters, it is important to contact us as soon as you suspect your vehicle may be a Lemon.

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