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How Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center® Attorneys Prosecute the Lemon Law

Lemon Law Attorneys / LawyersFew things in life are as thrilling as buying a new vehicle. Ironically, few things are as emotionally painful as realizing that the vehicle you’ve just purchased is a mechanical disaster. It’s something that affects the car buyer on every level. Financially, it can be expensive just to keep the vehicle running. Emotionally, it can consume every bit of free thought you have. And perhaps most concerning, it can be dangerous to you and the lives of your loved ones if you’re left to drive around in an unsafe vehicle.

Issues such as defective and faulty brakes, steering and others can result in failures that cause complete loss of control. Unexpected stalling could leave you stranded in dangerous places, while vehicles that don’t start can make getting from point A to B a real challenge. Regardless of which aspect concerns you most, one thing that remains constant is the understanding that there are state and federal Lemon Laws that protect you.

Helping Consumers Under the Lemon Law

At Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center®, we understand what a stressful and confusing time this can be. Having access to one’s own reliable transportation is at the fundamental core of our society, and nowadays, you simply can’t afford to be without your vehicle. When you purchase a defective car or truck, our attorneys know exactly what to look for, and the most efficient ways of going about proving your case.

Many consumers feel helpless after learning that their recently-purchased car or truck was sold to them with major problems, affecting the engine, transmission, brakes or other crucial components. As a result, far too many consumers simply chalk it up to a learning experience, not knowing that there are state and federal lemon laws in place to help consumers get their money back, a replacement vehicle or cash compensation.

Negotiating a Lemon Law Settlement

Make no mistake, virtually every automobile manufacturer and dealer is highly-experienced when it comes to defending themselves against Lemon Law claims and negotiating a settlement that is most beneficial to them. For you, however, this may likely be your first and last time having to negotiate the settlement for a defective vehicle. Knowing this, you can see how important it is to have an attorney on your side who knows the law inside-out, and moreover how to expedite your case in the quickest and most substantially-rewarding manner possible.

No Legal Fees for Lemon Law Legal Representation

Once we’ve settled your case, the legal fees will be paid by the dealer or manufacturer.* In the highly unlikely event that we cannot win your case, you will not be responsible for any attorneys’ fees to us.

*If you are awarded a repurchase of your vehicle or a replacement through settlement or arbitration that does not include a provision for payment of attorneys’ fees, you may be required to pay for the attorneys’ fees incurred should you accept such an award.

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