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Indiana Lemon Law

Green check mark icon Attorney Updated: 08/04/2020

Did You Purchase Or Lease A Lemon In Indiana?

Owning a car is a moment of pride and joy. No matter if you choose to purchase a new or used car, you expect this vehicle to run properly. It is frustrating to discover unexpected problems with your vehicle. If you live in Indiana and are experiencing problems with your vehicle, the lemon law may assist you to get relief. The Indiana Lemon Law is amongst the most stringent in the entire United States. The lemon law grants Indiana consumers with comprehensive protection to rid themselves of defective vehicles.

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If you live in the State of Indiana and a defect arises within the first 18 months or 18,000 miles, you could be entitled to a refund or replacement vehicle as long as you provide the automobile manufacturer an opportunity to repair the vehicle. In order to be eligible, you are required to provide the manufacturer, through its dealers, with either 4 times or 30 days to repair your vehicle. The repair attempts can occur after the vehicle’s 18 months or 18,000 miles. In the case where the dealer is unable to repair the vehicle after you have provided them with a reasonable number of attempts, you may elect your remedies under the Indiana Lemon Law. You may elect to recover a refund of what you paid for your vehicle less a reasonable offset for your use of the vehicle. You may also elect to recover a replacement vehicle if you would prefer this relief instead.

What’s more, the Indiana Lemon Law provides that the automobile manufacturer is responsible to pay the consumer’s attorneys’ fees. Therefore, consumers may use the Indiana Lemon Law to retain attorneys who will represent them wherein the attorneys rely solely on their ability to win the consumer’s case to be paid.

The Indiana Lemon Law also provides that automobile manufacturers must continue to attempt to repair your vehicle even after you have invoked your rights under the law. Further, the Lemon Law makes clear that the dealership cannot aid the manufacturer to attempt to cover up a Lemon Law claim by not documenting the problems with the vehicle. As such, consumers may insist that the manufacturer and its dealers provide a repair receipt every time their vehicle is subject to repair. If you believe you’ve purchased a “lemon,” the best way to ascertain whether you have a case is to speak with an attorney. They can advise you and press forward with a formal case if you qualify under the law. With an attorney’s assistance, consumers may be able to recover a refund of their vehicle, comparable replacement vehicle, or in some situations a partial refund or other monetary settlement. Call Krohn & Moss Ltd. Consumer Law Center® at (800) 875-3666 for a free consultation to see if you qualify for relief under the Indiana Lemon Law or other consumer protection laws.

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