Success Stories

Here are some of our recent Lemon Law success stories

Letter of Thank You and Appreciation – Steve & Jan Z.

Yesterday afternoon I received word that my loan was paid off and that they would be issuing a refund check in 10 days for the over payments.  I would like to thank you and all of your staff at Krohn & Moss for the time spent resolving my lemon case . Your promptness in returning emails , phone calls and resolving problems should be recognized by senior management at  your firm. Again thank you and it has been a pleasure working with you and all of your staff.

Letter of Thank You and Appreciation – Cody L

You guys were awesome. We will recommend you to anyone we know going through similar things.

Letter of Thank You and Appreciation – Arnie A

Who ever thought someone can win a Lemon-Law case at the State Attorney General's office. Well, The legal staff of Krohn & Moss assigned these great professionals to our case; Mohamed Somji (Attorney). and Natali Gerani (Head Paralegal). They made it happen for my wife and myself. It was as if we won the Lottery! Mohamed came to Florida from Chicago, totally prepared to support us and our case against the giant, Ford Motor Co. I had a few issues with my vehicle but the main problem was that the new car (2018 Ford Edge Sport) would not always start when I pressed the start button. It was "intermittent". So whenever it happened, I videoed the actual "No Start" with my phone. So, if you have a problem with your vehicle and you repeatedly bring it back to the dealer for repair and they keep giving it back to you with "can't duplicate the problem" on the service report, keep bringing it back everytime it occurs. Also, if your can, video the problem as it is happing of the vehicle. It makes for great supporting evidence. But most of all, if it can't be repaired by the dealer after multiple attempts, call KROHN & MOSS and let them review your problems and represent you against the giant manufacturers. Ford sent four representative's to the hearing against myself and my wife and of course Mohamed. He had all my videos on his laptop, and all service records that I had been sending to Natali for almost a year. The bottom line is you can win with KROHN AND MOSS, WE DID!!!

Letter of Thank You and Appreciation – Deedra L

I just wanted to say thank you so much to everyone that had a role in handling my claim with Toyota Motor Sales. My first point of contact to start this process was with Brent. I can honestly say that everyone was so helpful and the feedback was awesome. Every time I had a question or concern, it was answered in a timely manner. I appreciate the professionalism, courtesy, and subject matter expertise in resolving this. I will highly recommend Krohn & Moss for services to anyone in need. Thank you so much.

Letter of Thank You and Appreciation – JD Evans

While deployed in service to my country, my spouse encountered difficulties with her car (the car would shut completely off while driving) and turned the car into the dealer as per instructions with our warranty. The result was hardship for her and my young daughters as the dealer and its parent corporation proved woefully inadequate to adhere to their contracted obligation to repair or replace the car. Initially, the Chevy corporation stated that they appreciated my service and promised to ensure they would take care of my family due to the obvious safety issues that resulted from my wife losing power to her car while driving. That promise quickly turned into silence after the car was sent to another dealership who also proved inadequate to fix the car's issues. Chevy then proceeded to ignore my spouse for approx. a month after the realization that they were incapable of repairing the car. Our attorney, Derek R. Hale from Krohn & Moss, Ltd provided the support necessary to make the parent organization of GM pay damages for their desire to not assist us and provided my family and I some piece of mind as we move on to buy my spouse a safer vehicle for our family. My business dealings with Chevy is now forever over due to their unprofessionalism, but if I have any other legal concerns, I will definitely start my search enlisting the expertise of Krohn & Moss, Ltd. They are not only competent, but they also love supporting military families and truly care about their clients. I truly recommend their support; they deliver results.

Letter of Thank You and Appreciation – Riddhish

I would also like to thank you and your entire team for this successful outcome. Without you and your team it [would not] be easy for me alone [to] fight with Honda. I truly appreciate how you and your team made the entire process easy for me.

Letter of Thank You and Appreciation – Chad

My experience has been great and I look forward to finally closing this out. Thanks!

Letter of Thank You and Appreciation – Jeff

Thank you very much, I appreciate your great work! I’m grateful for this speedy resolution.

Letter of Thank You and Appreciation – Tasha

Satisfied is an understatement and thank you for your patience with me.

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