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Letter of Thank You and Appreciation – Loyd

RE: Krohn and Moss, Ltd.

   Contacting Krohn and Moss, Ltd. for my issues I was having with my new car was the best move I could have made.I believed that my car was a lemon and got no satisfaction from the car manufacturer when I sent in the defect notice to them. I was given assurance that my issues with my car not operating properly and the defects it had qualified me to use the services of Krohn and Moss, Ltd.

   I am very pleased with the outcome that Krohn and Moss, Ltd. Got for me and would highly recommend them to anyone who has similar issues.

– Loyd S

Letter of Thank You and Appreciation – Kevin & Ursula

Kevin and Ursula Grams


Krohn & Moss, Ltd.

Chicago, Illinois.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation for all the hard work you have done for us. the past two years, have been extremely frustrating and overwhelming having to deal with the Chrysler Corporation. You and your team have taken impressive action to remedy our problem.

Due to your hard work and dedication, we are happy to say you have fixed all our problems and have saved us great deal of aggravation. Every member of your staff has always been extremely professional and replied to any of my questions instantly. I will keep your Law firm in mind if ever needed for the future, and will most definitely refer any friend in need of your services.

Again, words cannot describe how thankful we are, Thank you!

– Kevin and Ursula Grams

Thank you on behalf of my firm and myself

On behalf of my firm and myself, THANK YOU. It has truly been a pleasure working with you, and I have already recommended your firm among colleagues and family.

– D. Hodges, Illinois

We will definitely recommend the Law Firm of Krohn & Moss, Ltd. in the future

Chad and Tiffany Weimer of Auburn, Indiana


Just updating you on the status of the payoff and check. We received a check from your firm yesterday and the Ally account has been paid in full. Tiff and I are very grateful for all that you have done for us! I think Tiff was relieved that we didn’t have to fulfill the court date and we were able to settle. I on the other hand was hoping to be able to go through the process just to see the difference between civil and criminal justice system. I was very confident that if the trial were held, we would walk away winners. Anyway, we really appreciate your efforts of how well this was handled throughout. We will definitely recommend the Law Firm of Krohn and Moss in the future!

– Chad and Tiff

Thank you for an excellent service

Rolen A, Illinois

Dear Mr. Cohen

First I would like to apologize, for being so informal with this message, but I’ve problems with my printer and it’s being resolved as I speak. I just wanted to express my appreciation for the excellent service your firm has provided for my wife and I. For your expeditious way of consuming our claim, as well as resolving it, we thank you. It is becoming all too rare these days to find a firm that goes to such great lengths to satisfy its clients. I hope your success will show others that old-fashioned hard work and consideration for customers are valued that are rewarded in our society.

Best of Luck in the future

– Rolen A.

Thank you so much for the service

Richars j. Ruth jr

Thank you so much for the service that your firm has provided me.If it were not for Krohn and Moss,I would certainly still be stuck in my lemon with no recourse!

– Richars j. Ruth jr, Florida

Lemon Law Claim Settlement on Buick Lacrosse 2012

James and Donna Stephenson, Ohio

Dear Krohn,

After many attempts to have our new vehicle repaired at Bob Clyse, GM Dealer, Ironton, Ohio; we begin searching the internet for solutions to our heating and air condition problems, which we begin to notice on a hot day in July 2012. We came across Krohn and Moss, Ohio lemon law attorneys in October 2012 on a Google search on our trip to New York City and begin our complaint.

Within a week we had the paper work to start the formal complaint and relied on the attorney’s direction to lead us through our claim. We like the fact we could communicate through e-mails to send documents, video of the problems and get advice on the next step of the claim.

This is the first time we have used the Lemon Law and didn’t know what to expect. Your attorney’s, Mr. Tannehill and Mr. Moss made it stress free for us and we will use and recommend your services to others if the need arises again.




– James F. and Donna F.Stephenson

Thanks again for all of your help

Donna Dolniak

Just wanted you to know that we went ahead and bought a new Ford Explorer XLT last night. We put money out of our savings down on the car, so we will just replenish our savings once the Chrysler money is available…which we are hopeful that will be in the next day or two.

Thanks again for all of your help! You are a very nice man that does a fantastic job for his clients, but we truly hope we no longer need a Lemon Law Attorney. It is comforting to know you are there if we do need your services. You can also bet that we will recommend you to anyone experiencing a Lemon Law situation.

– Donna Dolniak, Illinois

Very Helpful and Informative

Tammi L, Wisconsin

My experience with Krohn & Moss. Ltd. Has been great. I have never had to experience a lawsuit of this nature so I was quite nervous when I started. Both Matt and Gregg were very helpful as well as Jennifer. Any questions I had were answered in a timely manner and the information regarding my case was explained until I understood it. I would also like to say that the inspector Mike was friendly and helpful. If I ever have to recommend a law firm in the future for a case such as this I will be giving them this firm’s information.

– Tammi L.

Best Lemon Law Attorneys

Michael M, Illinois

Subject: Letter of Recommendation

I want to acknowledge Krohn & Moss, Ltd. for resolving my case with Ford Motor Company and the problems that I experienced with my 2001 Ford SVT Lightning.

I experienced many problems with my truck and was spending more and more time at the dealer. I finally got fed up after ht fifth trip back to the dealer for the same problem. I decided to look into the lemon law via the internet.

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