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Proficient Staff in Proving an Extremely Professional and Personal Service

David A, Wisconsin

Dear Mr. Greg Moss:

It is my pleasure to contact your office one last time. I want to thank you and your staff for the excellent personal service and detailed attention that you have provided in my case against General Motors. There is no doubt in my mind that you negotiated a favorable settlement in a limited time frame.

I also want to state this was my very first and hopefully last experience with the Wisconsin Lemon laws. I am still amazed how easy it was to submit my initial application for your help on the internet address. I received an immediate response from your staff requesting additional documents. Once my case was accepted, I had contract from your staff for additional information needed and I was kept inform of the progress of my case.

In closing, I again sincerely thank you and your proficient staff in proving an extremely professional and personal service.

Sincerely ,

– David A

I Have Been Impressed With You Fortitude, Guidance and Speed of the Process

Donita B, Arizona

Re:  Settlement of Breach of Warranty Claim

To whom it may concern,

This letter is to outline my experience and commend the efforts of your organization in regards to my settlement claim with General Motors. I have been very satisfied with your efforts in representing me during the process. I have been impressed with you fortitude, guidance and speed of the process. I will gladly recommend your organization to anyone I hear in need of your services.

Thank you in advance for your support and services. I look forward to closing out this manner expeditiously.

Sincerely ,

– Donita B

Your Firm Did a Great Job

Shirley C, Arizona

Dear Sirs:

I want to let you know that your firm did a great job on representing me on my breach of contract against Suzuki America. I have recommended several people to your service, and will do so in the future. I’m very grateful for your service and very excited about the settlement of the case.

Marshall Meyers was very kind and understanding, easy to talk to and very patient with me also, when I was not understanding something he would explain it, even when I was acting dumb about something. He was easy to reach and I knew I could count on him to call back in a timely manner.

I want to thank your firm for everything you have done.

You were just GREAT!

Sincerely ,

– Shirley C

A Law Firm That Is Efficient, Professional and Available When the Clients Have Questions

Bob F, Arizona

Mr. Marshall Meyers, Attorney at Law
Krohn & Moss, Ltd.
Phoenix, AZ

RE: Settlement of Breach of Warranty Claim against Ford Motors

Dear Sir:
My Wife and I want to sincerely thank you and your professional staff for your assistance with our claim against Ford motors. We are very pleased that you managed to get a very favorable settlement for the Lemon Lincoln that we purchased from Sanderson Lincoln Mercury.

It is refreshing to deal with a law form that is efficient, professional and available when the clients have questions. We will not hesitate to call on you and your firm again if we should legal assistance. In fact we recently recommended you to friends, the Goldsteins, who are having problems with a new Jaguar. If they cannot ultimately get satisfaction from the dealer, they may contact you.

We wish you and your team future success.

Sincerely ,

– Bob F

Always Felt Like We Knew Exactly Where We Stood

Karen Banovich, Missouri

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing on behalf of Patrick Cuezze, an attorney at Krohn & Moss, Ltd. We contacted Krohn & Moss, Ltd. in early 2007 with questions regarding the Lemon Law and how it might apply to a situation we had encountered pertaining to a faulty new vehicle we had purchased in the summer of 2006. Patrick was assigned to our case.

Right from the start Patrick communicated regularly with us, and made sure we always had a good understanding of the process and timeframes, how the laws applied to our case, and any paperwork or out of pocket costs we were responsible for. At all times he kept us apprised of the progress he was making as the process unfolded. He clearly explained our options along every step of the way, so we understood the choices we had to make. When we asked for his expert advice in making a choice, he explained our options carefully, as well as the possible benefits or drawbacks of each. If we called with questions, he promptly returned our calls. We truly appreciated his excellent communication skills, and always felt like we knew exactly where we stood.

When it came time to negotiate with the manufacturer for a settlement, we felt Patrick demonstrated excellent negotiation skills. He had positioned himself well with his contact at the manufacturer, and touched base regularly with us to make sure he had all the facts so he could present our case in the best possible light. During this part of the process, it seemed Patrick contacted us about every other week, sometimes even weekly, to keep us posted on the progress he was making. At all times we felt he painted a realistic picture of what we might expect as far as a settlement. In the end, we felt that Patrick helped us obtain a fair settlement, which was to be divided equally between Krohn & Moss, Ltd. and ourselves. We were more than happy to split the settlement, as we felt Patrick had earned every penny of his company’s share.

All in all, we are extremely satisfied with the professional service we received from Patrick and Krohn & Moss, Ltd.. It seemed everything about our case progressed exactly as we were told it would. Because of the excellent service we received, should we ever have other legal matters we need to deal with, we will be sure to contact Krohn & Moss, Ltd.

Sincerely ,

– Karen Banovich

Professional and Effective Law Firm

Michael, Missouri

Re: Breach of Warranty

I am writing this to express my satisfaction with the Outcome of my Breach of Warranty claim against American Honda and specifically the work you performed on the case. I found the services provided by Krohn & Moss, Ltd to be professional and effective. I contacted Krohn & Moss, Ltd. through the Company website. I found the website easy to use and I was contacted almost immediately regarding the representation. After obtaining your services I found my involvement in the legal process to be seamless and efficient. My responsibilities were described in a clear and concise manner and all documentation was straightforward. Ultimately I was able to recover a fair settlement as the result of your hard work and the willingness of Krohn & Moss to take on my case. I certainly would not hesitate to refer Krohn & Moss. to a friend or colleague.

Sincerely ,

– Michael

A Great and Helpful Team

Ms. Terry B, Illinois

Your firm took very good care of me: I am very impressed with everyone there and I especially want to thank Mr. Mike Kim. He was very helpful and went beyond what I expected.

I will refer your firm to anybody and everybody I know who needs your help. I can never thank everybody in your firm enough. You have a great team.

Thanks again ,

– Ms. Terry B

Very helpful and knowledgeable of their work

Andrea K, Illinois

I would like to take this opportunity to thank your firm for resolving my lemon law case on my 2002 Chevy Trailblazer. Once again your firm has worked fast and efficiently to resolve the matter with General Motors Corporation. I greatly appreciate everything you have done for me. Each time I have called and submitted the information you ask for to see if I have a case, I have dealt with Greg Moss. Greg is an outstanding lawyer and has done an excellent job every time I have dealt with him. All of the other lawyers at your firm have also been very helpful and knowledgeable of their work.

This is the third car I have had successful lemon law case on with your firm, and also the third time you have successfully resolved the matter with General Motors before it was taken to court. Obviously your firm finds the right information needed to resolve the case. Not only have you helped me, but have helped people I have referred to you as well. I have nothing but great things to say about your firm.

If anyone has any doubt about pursuing a lemon law case with your firm, they shouldn’t. Your firm has done everything to help me and the people I have referred so I doubt that it would be any different for any one else.

Sincerely ,

– Andrea K

Always Prompt, Polite and Courteous

Theresa M, Wisconsin

My experience with Krohn & Moss is one that I will never forget, and will always appreciate. First they were dependable by calling and following up on my case, always kept me informed of what was happening, always returned calls promptly, polite and courteous and what I liked most, is the prompt orderly fashion of how they handled my case. I would highly recommend, I have already given out their information to my co –workers.

Thank –you ,

– Theresa M

Informed and Kept Us Up To Date On The Legal Matters

Guy and Tina M, Missouri

To Whom It May Concern:

Our experience with Krohn & Moss has been very good. Kristin Liddle has been a very valuable asset in our getting our vehicle problem rectified. She sent letters informing us and keeping us up to date on the legal matters in which we found very helpful. The Missouri Lemon Law is very important to families such as ours who get caught in the middle with big car corporations. Our family needs a decent vehicle to get to work and take kids to appointments.

Guy and I would like to say thank you for all that your firm has accomplished for us we really appreciate it.

Thank –you ,

– Guy and Tina M

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