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Tennessee Lemon Law

Green check mark icon Attorney Updated: 05/09/2019

Did You Purchase Or Lease A Lemon In Tennessee?

Tennessee consumers who purchase or lease a lemon have legal protections available under the Tennessee Lemon Law. The Lemon Law is strong, and can work to protect you and get you back on the road in the car you deserve. If you purchased or leased a lemon in Tennessee, you may be entitled to have the manufacturer repurchase or replace the vehicle, and to collect any other charges or expenses you incurred, such as taxes, finance and interest charges, and registration and titling fees. An experienced Lemon Law Attorney can help you to navigate the applicable state and federal Lemon Laws and requirements, and get you back on the road in the new vehicle you deserve.

Is My Vehicle Covered Under Tennessee Lemon Law?

The Lemon Law applies to new consumer vehicles sold or leased in the State of Tennessee and weighing under 10,000 pounds. The law includes motorcycles, but does not include mopeds, motorhomes, lawnmowers, tractors, or off-road and recreational vehicles. The Lemon Law applies to problems or defects in those vehicles which “substantially impair” the vehicle. Tennessee defines a substantial impairment more broadly than many states, extending the Lemon Law to cover defects that the make the vehicle unreliable or unsafe as it is normally operated, or reduce the resale value of the vehicle below the average resale value for comparable vehicles. Generally speaking, the Lemon Law of Tennessee provides protection for one year from the date of the purchase or lease.

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Do I Have Other Options Under Tennessee Lemon Law?

Even if your vehicle is not covered by the Lemon Law, or the problems with the vehicle do not substantially impair the vehicle, you may still be able to bring a legal claim if the problems are not corrected. The federal Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act (sometimes known as the Federal Lemon Law), provides even greater protection than the Lemon Law of Tennessee. This federal law covers all consumer products, including vehicle types not protected under the Tennessee law, such as mopeds or lawn tractors. In addition, the Federal Lemon Law extends to all items covered by the vehicle’s warranty – even those which do not substantially impair the vehicle – and provides protection for the entire term of that warranty.

What To Do When Needed Help Regarding the Lemon Law?

In order to obtain relief under the Tennessee Lemon Law, you must first give the manufacturer (or dealer) a reasonable opportunity to repair the problems. This means that the manufacturer is allowed to try to make repairs up to three times, or for a grand total of thirty days, before you are entitled to bring a legal claim. In addition, before you can bring your claim, you must provide notice the problem to the manufacturer via certified mail, after which the manufacturer has a final ten days to repair the vehicle.

File Your Legal Claim with Tennessee Lemon Law Lawyers

Additionally, if your vehicle’s manufacturer has a dispute resolution procedure approved by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission), you must submit to that procedure before you can file your legal claim. These procedures, and the hard-and-fast deadlines which come with them, can be frustrating for consumers without experience going through them on their own. The attorneys of Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center® understand this frustration, and have experience handling these claims so that you do not have to go it alone.

Contact Tennessee Lemon Law Attorneys of Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center®

If you believe that you may have a lemon, contact the Lemon Law attorneys of Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center® as soon as possible – early action can be crucial to preserving your rights and getting results. Our attorneys will provide you with a free case evaluation and help you to chart a course to the car you bargained for. And because the manufacturer is required to pay your attorneys’ fees when you win your case, the Tennessee Lemon Law lawyers will never collect a fee unless you win or settle your case. So, we will never charge you a retainer up-front, and we seek to collect for our time from the manufacturer who sold you a lemon!

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