New York Lemon Law

Few things trump the thrill of purchasing a new car but unfortunately that thrill can be erased faster than you know once you realize that you purchased a lemon vehicle. It becomes an immediate disaster on every level. It’s a financial disaster because it is expensive just to keep your “new” car running. It’s an emotional disaster because you can’t think of anything else but the expensive piece of junk staring at you as it sits in your driveway. Even more disturbing is the fact that you and your loved ones may be riding around in a dangerous automobile. That is why you can obtain relief in the form of the New York Lemon Law which is applicable to new cars, trucks and motorcycles with a defect that repeatedly occurs within the first 24 months or 18,000 miles.

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The New York Lemon Law covers any defect that substantially impairs the value of your vehicle. This may include but is not limited to such things as defective brakes or a defective steering system that can cause the driver to lose control of the vehicle or a defective engine that results in frequent and unexplained stalling that can leave both the driver and your new car stranded in dangerous places. It may also include defects that are not safety related. Simply put, if you are experiencing ongoing defects with your vehicle, you paid too much money for it and are entitled to relief!

When confronted with the obvious fact that their newly purchased car or truck is a lemon because of continuous problems that affect the engine, transmission, brakes, or any other vital part of the vehicle, most consumers feel helpless. They oftentimes chalk up the lemon to an expensive learning experience.

However, a lemon in your driveway should be much more than just a learning experience. At Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center®, we understand the stress and confusion this causes and we understand the importance of having a reliable automobile.

Transportation you can trust is often at the core of your productive workday. At Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center®, we know exactly what to look for when you contact us about your defective vehicle. We also know the best and most reliable ways to prove your Lemon Law case. We can review your case free of charge to see if you qualify for compensation under either the New York Lemon Law or the federal Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act.

A large majority of our cases are settled without a trial and we work to get your claim settled as quickly as possible so that you are back on the road – safely. At Krohn & Moss, Consumer Law Center®, we provide effective legal representation for anyone who is a victim of a defective car, truck, or motorcycle. If you want to get rid of that lemon in your driveway, give the legal keys to us. Call Krohn & Moss, Consumer Law Center® today.

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