Maryland Lemon Law

  • The vehicle must be registered in Maryland
  • It must be a car or a light truck or motorcycle that was purchased or leased from a dealer or a manufacturer
  • There must be fewer than 18,000 miles on the vehicle and the vehicle also must be owned for fewer than 24 months
  • If you aren’t the first owner of the vehicle, the Maryland lemon law might apply to your vehicle if the first owner bought the vehicle less than 24 months ago and it has been driven less than 18,000 miles

The dealer or manufacturer has one chance to fix a brake or steering failure that may cause the vehicle to fail a safety inspection. If it fails, you can choose to either get your money back or get your vehicle replaced.

The dealer or manufacturer has four chances to fix one defect that has a substantial impact on the vehicle’s market value. If this fails, you can choose to either get your money back or get the vehicle replaced. Finally, if your vehicle is out of service for a total of at least 30 days due to a defect, you can get your money back or have the vehicle replaced. Keep in mind that the 30 days do not have to be consecutive in order for your vehicle to be considered a lemon. Once You Notice a Defect As soon as you notice a defect, you should write a letter to the vehicle’s manufacturer regarding the defect and send it via mail. In the meantime, you can make the repairs, as this will not affect your case. The dealer or manufacturer must make the correct fixes to your car within 30 days after receiving your letter. At the Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center® , our team can help you with every aspect of your Maryland lemon law case. Through decades of combined experience with lemon laws, we can walk you through the steps to help you obtain relief. Please contact us at 1-800-USLEMON or fill out your information online to receive a free initial case evaluation!

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