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Getting compensated for the sale of a defective vehicle begins with a free case review from Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center®. Knowing the details of your situation will assist us greatly in determining how we can best help you, under the state or federal Lemon Law.



Krohn & Moss Knows the Lemon Law

Just as we would likely have no clue how to do your job, there are intricate aspects of the various state Lemon Laws that you would likely never consider looking into. Fortunately, this is something our attorneys thrive on. Since 1995, we have taken painstaking measures to learn and understand the Lemon Law in each state in which we practice including all the complexities, to ensure that you receive the settlement you are rightfully and legally entitled to.

Further, our attorneys are adept at locating hidden technical bulletins and service records, as well as notes made directly by the technicians who serviced your vehicle. It is the discovery of these very documents (evidence) that can ultimately determine whether you end up with a very expensive decoration in your driveway or a full refund for your defective vehicle. By constantly looking for proof that your car or truck was sold in a defective state, our attorneys can help you get the biggest settlement available to you under the Lemon Law.

The Truth About Lemon Law Time Limits

It’s not uncommon to hear auto manufacturers or dealers tell you that your time to file a lemon law case has run out and you have no legal recourse. However, the truth is that federal consumer protection laws actually provide a much more extensive window of time, offering you the opportunity to research, investigate and consult with an attorney who concentrates in
Lemon Law cases. Don’t be misled by what the auto manufacturer or dealer tells you about your time limits to bring a claim
without first talking to the attorneys at Krohn & Moss, Ltd., Consumer Law Center.®

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If you are confident that you have a case, we want to hear about it. The best way to get started is with your free case review, and that starts by filling out our secure and 100% confidential online Case Evaluator. Your information will only be seen by our attorneys and is never sold or shared, and is used only for the purposes of communication or case review. If you’re not comfortable submitting the details of your case, that’s perfectly understandable too. To discuss your situation with one of our dedicated Lemon Law attorneys nationwide, call us toll-free at 1-800-875-3666.

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