Class Action Lawsuits

A “class action ” is a civil suit brought by one or more people on behalf of themselves and others who are similarly situated. In other words, the others are in substantially similar circumstances where the common issues are the most critical to the lawsuit. Class actions are those brought by a group of people against the manufacturers of allegedly defective products.

Examples of class action lawsuits include claims by:

  • Consumers who purchased the same defective product or were harmed by similar unfair business practices committed by a corporation
  • Merchants and consumers who pay inflated prices for products caused by the anti-competitive activities of large corporations
  • Tenants that have been affected by the policies of a rental company

The class action lawsuit is a procedural device used in litigation to determine the rights and remedies, if any, for people in large numbers whose cases involve common questions of law and fact.

If you feel you’ve been harmed by a product or a company or other source – and there are many others like you – our licensed attorneys will fight for the compensation for you.

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Here are some of the general class action lawsuits

Consumer Class Actions

Consumer class actions are generally brought when consumers complain about being injured by a company’s systematic and illegal practices. Examples of such consumer complaints include illegal service charges, illegal penalties for late-payments and failure to comply with consumer protection laws. While consumers often write a complaint letter to such company, complaint letters often go unanswered, in which case you’ll want to contact a class action consumer lawyer regarding your consumer complaint.
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Product liability/Personal Injury Class actions

Product liability and personal injury class action lawsuits are generally brought when a defective product, such as a product model with ineffective brakes, or “mass accident “, such as a toxic spill harms many people.
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A good example of a recent Class Action Lawsuit was a case brought against CarFax

A class action lawsuit was filed against CarFax for allegedly providing services which were unfair, false, deceptive, and materially misleading. The suit claimed the product history report provider could not check accident reports in 23 states and that the company’s information was only updated every six months, so consumers could not find the truth regarding the history of the car they were purchasing. The class action was filed on behalf of car buyers who purchased a CarFax product history report before Oct. 27, 2006. The lawsuit claimed CarFax violated state consumer protection laws by not properly disclosing terms and conditions for, and limitations of, CarFax product history reports. Under the terms of the proposed class action settlement, consumers who bought CarFax reports could get free or reduced price reports, or they could choose to have CarFax pay part of the cost of having cars inspected for signs of past problems. (Jan-22-07)

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