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Have you recently purchased a car, truck, SUV, or any other motor vehicle? If so, you are likely still excited about your purchase. Unfortunately, this enjoyment and excitement may be short lived if you have purchased a lemon. If you’re not sure whether your vehicle is a lemon, our lemon law attorneys can answer your questions, assess your case, and tell you whether they believe you have a lemon on your hands. There is certain criteria that they will look for to see if you qualify for relief under state and/or federal lemon laws in order to pursue lemon law claims.

What Is a Lemon?

A lemon is generally considered a vehicle that doesn’t live up to its expectations of being defect-free and reliable, or one that cannot be repaired after the dealer has been afforded a reasonable time or reasonable number of attempts. If you believe your vehicle meets this criteria, you may be entitled to recourse to get the manufacturer to refund your money, replace the vehicle, or pay you monetary compensation for your troubles. You also may be entitled to the recovery of your attorneys’ fees as most state auto lemon laws provide that a consumer may recover their attorneys’ fees from the manufacturer if the consumer prevails.

While auto lemon laws cases may be difficult to pursue without an attorney, our attorneys will do a FREE CASE REVIEW of your situation and will advise you on your rights and potential remedies. This is why it is best to hire our experienced attorneys to help you along the way. At Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center®, we have Over 20 Years of experience in this area of law and we can help you receive the justice and compensation you deserve for your lemon.

Who Can Utilize the Lemon Law?

There are lemon laws in place in all 50 states. This means if you believe you have purchased a defective vehicle and you deserve some compensation or a replacement vehicle, you can take action. It is best to utilize the services of an attorney because they will be able to review the facts and determine if your case is worth pursuing. Further, most state lemon laws, along with the federal Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act (the federal Lemon Law) allow consumers to recover attorneys’ fees if the consumer prevails. This way, you should be able to hire a consumer protection attorney who will rely on the attorney’s ability to win or settle your case to get paid. Using state and federal lemon laws, you should never have to hire an attorney who will charge you a retainer fee or other up-front charges to start your case.

How an Attorney Can Help Your Lemon Law Case

While there is no law that states you have to hire legal representation to handle your lemon law case, lemon law attorneys bring a lot to the table. Our attorneys understand the law and what requirements must be met in order for a vehicle to be deemed a lemon. They also have developed relationships with the automobile manufacturers and their attorneys, which sometimes helps to procure maximum settlements, because the manufacturers have first-hand experience at assessing the qualifications of our attorneys and know what they will be up against if they chose to proceed to trial instead of settling.

We will review the repair records, issues and defects present with your vehicle, as well as the efforts that were or weren’t made by the manufacturer. All this will ensure that you are in the best position to get the justice and results you need.

When it comes to auto lemon law issues, there are several issues that can arise when trying to prove your case. We will work diligently to help ensure the manufacturer provides adequate results for your situation.

We Can Help with Your Lemon Law Case

You don’t have to deal with a defective vehicle on your own. If you’ve purchased a car, truck, SUV or other motor vehicle, and it is protected by a warranty, you have rights that will protect you in the event that the manufacturer, seller, or warrantor of your vehicle fails to live up to its obligations to repair your vehicle. If you need assistance proving there are issues with your vehicle, contact our law firm. We will help to put you in position to give you the best chance of prevailing on your claims and getting you the results you want.

Contact us today for a FREE CASE REVIEW to learn more about auto lemon law issues and the options that are available.

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