2021’s Most & Least Reliable Automotive Brands According to Consumer Reports

Every year, Consumer Reports sheds light on what automotive brands are experiencing problems and what brands are seeing rave reviews. They use recent vehicle performance data taken from over 300,000 drivers over a 12-month period to ensure the data is accurate and well-rounded. There are 26 total brands rated on this list.

Let’s first examine some noteworthy information about a handful of major car brands on today’s market.


Toyota has long been associated with reliability. While these vehicles are still seen as reliable today, Toyota has clocked in at second on the list for the second year in a row. Toyota’s luxury brand Lexus is also ranked on this list, ranked as the third-overall most-reliable brand for 2021. Interestingly enough, Toyota had vehicles on both the most and least reliable lists, all of which we will outline below.


Consumer Reports recognized Mazda as the most reliable automotive brand for the second year in a row. One reason for this high ranking is the fact that Mazda doesn’t change a ton of different elements with each year’s redesign. This gives Mazda the chance to home in on specific elements and ensure they don’t cause repeated issues.

Despite its lack of huge changes to vehicle design year after year, Mazda vehicles are not visually outdated, sporting modern designs with reliable interiors. Most notably, Mazda is known for its lack of infotainment systems in its vehicles, a vehicle facet that is often linked to transmission issues in other brands.


Newer to the list is Tesla, the all-electric car company founded in 2003. It currently has five vehicles on the market, and of those cars, Consumer Reports solely recommends the Model 3 compact car.

The Complete 2021 List of Most Reliable Cars

Here is a complete list of the most reliable cars of 2021 according to Consumer Reports.

  1. Toyota Prius
  2. Lexus NX
  3. Buick Encore
  4. Lexus GX
  5. Honda HR-V
  6. Toyota Prius Prime
  7. Hyundai Kona
  8. Audi A5
  9. Audi A4
  10. Mazda CX-5

The Complete 2021 List of Least Reliable Cars

And here are the least reliable 2021 models:

  1. Chevrolet Silverado/GMC Sierra 1500
  2. Subaru Ascent
  3. Volkswagen Atlas
  4. Jeep Compass
  5. Volvo XC90
  6. Chevrolet Colorado/GMC Canyon
  7. Tesla Model S
  8. Jeep Wrangler
  9. Ford EcoSport
  10. Volvo XC60

What This Means for You

If you see your vehicle on either list, remember that you should take this information with a grain of salt. Just because you drive a car that is ranked well doesn’t mean your chances of owning a lemon are eliminated, and just because you drive a car that isn’t ranked well doesn’t mean you do have a lemon. Each new vehicle sold comes with a factory warranty that guarantees repairs in a certain timeframe.

It’s also important to note the state in which you live, as each state has different lemon laws that impact how to move forward if you notice a defect. Most states require that you give the manufacturer (through the car dealership) a reasonable number of attempts to make the repair, typically 3-4 chances or 30 days out of service. In this case, you may be entitled to either a new car or a monetary refund.

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