Krohn & Moss Wins Trial For Fraud Committed By Used Car Dealer

Cook County, IL – A consumer from Chicago, Illinois won a trial against Ted’s Auto Line, a used car dealership, resulting from the fraud the dealer utilized to sell a car. Lisa Rudek filed a complaint against Ted’s Auto Line after she discovered the used car she bought had previously been a Lemon Law Buyback with a branded title. Ms. Rudek contacted Krohn & Moss, Ltd., a consumer protection law firm, seeking to enforce her rights as a consumer. Krohn & Moss, Ltd. filed the lawsuit on Ms. Rudek’s behalf and proved at trial that Ted’s Auto Line committed fraud.

In ruling in Ms. Rudek’s favor, the Court found that the dealer had concealed the fact the used car she purchased had been a Lemon Law Buyback with a branded title and forged Ms. Rudek’s signature on an alleged “disclosure statement.” The Court awarded Ms. Rudek the amount she overpaid for the car because of its prior negative history. As a result of the Court’s ruling in Ms. Rudek’s favor, Krohn & Moss, Ltd. was also able to seek payment for its attorneys’ fees and costs incurred from Ted’s Auto Line as is required by various state laws after prevailing in a fraud case. Eric Kaczander of Krohn & Moss, Ltd. who was the lead trial attorney for Ms. Rudek in commenting on the Court’s ruling stated, “The Court recognized that dealers cannot take advantage of consumers and held the dealer accountable for its fraudulent practices. This ruling sends a message to all car dealers that its tactics of selling a car by lying and cheating a customer is a thing of the past.”

For more information concerning this case, please reference the Clerk of the Court of Cook County, Illinois, Case No. 09 M1 202006.

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