Extended Auto Warranties – Avoid Scams On Buying

The defective parts in the materials or automobiles are covered by extended auto warranties for one or additional years, as specified in the terms of the extended auto warranty. Not all customers take advantage of this extended auto warranty services. These extended auto warranties are commonly sold by the dealers or the brokers. Most of the instances, the cost of the extended auto warranty exceeds the cost of the repair up to an extra year for all purchases made and in other instances it was not worth. Infact these are nothing more than a service contracts.

An extended auto warranty is where you pay an independent dealers or manufacturers, to fix or replace failed parts and the consumers are plunked down to $1,000 for a 100,000 mile extended guarantee. Where, your dealer may resell the extended auto warranty similar to a broker. This is the reason you should buy the vehicle from any of major manufactures with an extended auto warranty. If the dealer is reselling the extended auto warranty, then you can conclude that there is a markup of prices.

Generally after your vehicle warranty expires, the dealers and brokers insist you to purchase a service contract. Typically these extended auto warranties had become a money making tool for the dealers as it’s an inexpensive resolution to them.

Do you think these extended auto warranty can help you?
Most of them have the exceptions, while you can better find the extended auto warranty packages from the company at lower cost. Look at the benefits and what it covers because this extended auto warranty has the exceptions and exclusions. Extended auto warranty depends on the plan and type of warranty you choose from the company or manufacturer.

There are different types of extended auto warranties; where it includes the vehicles that are covered with wear and tear that has parts like brake pads, shoes, hoses and clutches. It also covers bumper to bumper services for all the parts of the vehicle. How ever there is some exclusion where it does not cover glass, exhaust systems, tires, airbags, brake rotors, drums etc.Though you purchase your extended auto warranty, your vehicle should be maintained in accordance with the manufacturers or the dealer specification and sometimes there are problems in obtaining repairs for your vehicles, because service contract restricts the choice of repair facility and insist on payment from the consumer.This extended auto warranty plays a key role for filing the claims before an emergency arises, so have a thorough checkup with the procedures and you must be able to provide the proof to service contract administrator that the vehicle is maintained, because they may end up at insurance companies, when dealing with the claims.

Any vehicle that is sold by a manufacturer’s extended auto warranty will be covered under lemon law. Manufacturers, dealers and brokers generally offer extended auto warranty as it’s an inexpensive resolution for them. Evaluate before choosing the extended auto warranty because most of them are often duplicate and costly. If you accept the extended warranty, you might also lose a break of warranty claim to file a lemon law. www.yourlemonlawrights.com is the best obligation free case review for your situation of extended auto warranty and will get you some money back in addition to the extended auto warranty.

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