Laundered Lemon, The Ghost Of A Lemon

Have you ever thought where all those lemon cars, trucks do and motorcycles the manufacturers buy back, go?Laundered, they often return to streets as laundered lemons.More often than not, dealers don’t tell consumers that they are selling a laundered lemon though in most states, it is mandatory under the Lemon Law that the buyer must be told about the repurchase.If your new motor vehicle turns out to be a laundered lemon car or a laundered lemon truck click the link for legal advice.

A Laundered Lemon Car is any vehicle that has been

  • Repurchased by the manufacturer because of persistent complaints and/or deadly defects
  • Resold to an unsuspecting buyer without divulging the history of the vehicle

Know your Right to Laundered Lemon Warnings
The Lemon Law in most states prohibits lemon laundering.Law requires manufacturers to do three things after repurchasing a vehicle.

  • Mark the vehicle as Lemon
  • Notify the Buyer with a written list of defects before the sale
  • Give the Buyer a One Year Warranty

A vehicle that has a deadly defect should never be put up for resale.Laundered Lemon dealers Tamper with the Lemon Law
The manufacturer hoodwinks the law by

  • Repurchasing the vehicle as a goodwill buy back
  • Claiming that the vehicle is not covered by the Lemon Law
  • Shipping the vehicle out of state to an auto auction/a car dealer/a consumer
  • Denying any Knowledge of the Lemon History of the vehicle, despite Its Complete Warranty Repair History
  • Moving the lemon vehicle to a state that does not require branding
  • Moving the lemon vehicle to a state that does not recognize the brand from the previous state


  • The vehicle is left unmarked

In cases where the title is branded,

  • Consumers do not actually see the title immediately

Laundered Lemondealers Fake Legal Compliance
Occasionally, manufacturers and car dealers do feign compliance with the law by

  • Identifying only one or two of the many complaints made by the previous owner of the lemon car
  • Removing the word warning from the top of the disclosure document
  • Placing the disclosure document within a large stack of documents
  • Spreading the stack out in a way that leaves the signature lines visible while the top half of the document is hidden by the stack itself

As a result, buyers often unknowingly sign a form acknowledging that the vehicle is a lemon.In such a case, the signed form should have no legal effect on your rights.Are You a Victim?
If you discover that you have unknowingly purchased a laundered lemon vehicle, seek legal counsel immediately for a free case evaluation at

Avoid Buying someone else’s LemonRemember to

  • Check the history of the car’s prior ownership before you buy it
  • Ask the dealer where they got the vehicle/who owned it before

The dealer should cooperate.If he does not, go elsewhere.There is no law that prevents a car dealer from telling the truth.

  • Write down the Vehicle Identification Number/VIN
  • Do a free Internet title search on the free Auto History Lemon Detector
  • You can cross-check the results on Auto Check

Price of a Laundered Lemon Car
If you think you are being charged more for a laundered lemon check out NADA’s consumer guides to vehicle values for

  • Current valuations
  • Older editions of the NADA book

Laundered Lemoncar sale is a big businessIn one lawsuit it was discovered that

  • Chrysler alone bought back 45,000 lemon cars in about four years
  • Chrysler resold their lemon cars for a total of $1 billion

The calculations for the big companies like Ford, General Motors, and the importers are not available.You do not have to be a victim in any Lemon Laundering scheme.If your new vehicle turns out to be a laundered lemon car or a truck click the link for a free case evaluation.

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