Lemon Laws and Land Rovers

As the second oldest four-wheel-drive car company, Land Rover has been an iconic brand in the global automotive industry. Today, this car manufacturer offers a luxurious interior to complement its renowned ruggedness. But in spite of the brand’s reputation for excellence, your new Land Rover might still be a lemon of a vehicle.

To qualify as a lemon, your Land Rover must have a warrantied defect that the manufacturer fails to repair after a reasonable number of attempts. In such cases, consumers like you are entitled to your choice of a refund or a replacement vehicle.

Defects caused by accidents or unauthorized modifications aren’t covered by lemon laws. So, your vehicle’s defect(s) must substantially impair its use, value, or safety to be protected under these laws.

If your Land Rover meets these requirements, our team here at Krohn & Moss, Ltd. can help you collect the compensation you deserve. Reach out to us today for a FREE case review and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours with our initial assessment of your situation. And, if you have a legitimate claim, we’ll be happy to take your case and fight to secure the recovery you’re owed.

How Do I Know If My Land Rover Is a Lemon?

Lemon laws differ from state to state. And, in addition to the state laws, the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act serves as a federal Lemon Law. Although some of the finer points may change from one law to the next, lemon laws share the same general principles. Typically, your vehicle must meet the following requirements to be qualify as a lemon:

  • The vehicle must have a defect(s) that substantially impair its use, value, or safety.
  • The defect must be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • You must provide the manufacturer with a reasonable number of repair attempts.
  • The defect must persist after these repair attempts.

Each law defines “reasonable number of repair attempts” differently. But in any state, four repair attempts will suffice. And, if your vehicle’s defect has the potential to cause serious bodily harm or death, you may be able to pursue compensation after a single failed attempt.

In many states, a single repair attempt can also qualify your Land Rover as a lemon if that attempt renders the vehicle out of service for 30 days or more. In fact, if your vehicle is out of service for warrantied repairs for 30+ days, it should qualify as a lemon regardless of the number of repair attempts.

The coverage period during which those 30 days must occur varies by state. So, touch base with our lemon lawyers to see whether your car will qualify.

If you’re unsure whether your Land Rover is a lemon, our 60-Second Lemon Test can give you an immediate answer!

What Kind of Evidence Do I Need?

It’s always helpful to keep all paperwork from the purchase or lease of a vehicle. And you should also do you best to keep track of any documents pertaining to repair attempts. However, you can still pursue a lemon law case for your Land Rover even if you’ve lost all such records. Our team can recover all such records from the manufacturer and/or service provider as needed.

That said, to prove that your defective Land Rover qualifies as a lemon, the following pieces of evidence may help your case:

  1. Mileage and Purchase Date: This information helps to establish that the vehicle is still within the warranty period and/or that the defects arose while covered by the warranty.
  2. Defect Description: Your Land Rover needs to have a persistent defect to even be considered in lemon law cases. Having a clear description of the defect(s) makes it easier to demonstrate that the issue has not been resolved.
  3. Documented Repair Attempts: We need to show that you provided the manufacturer with a reasonable number of opportunities to repair the vehicle. So, do your best to keep any paperwork related to service appointments in a safe place.
  4. Notification to Manufacturer: In some states, we need to officially notify the manufacturer that we suspect your Land Rover to be a lemon. If you’ve already done so, please keep all records from that process. For example, you may have confirmation of receipt for a piece of certified mail. But don’t worry if you haven’t sent any such notifications. We can handle all of that on your behalf.
  5. Vehicle History: Any information you have about your Land Rover’s history could be useful in proving it a lemon. So, please provide us with any information you can concerning the vehicle.

As noted above, it’s okay if you don’t have any of this information. We can obtain it on your behalf. But keeping detailed records should help us secure your compensation that much faster.

What Can I Gain by Pursuing a Lemon Law Claim for my Land Rover?

If your vehicle qualifies as a lemon, you’ll receive your choice of a replacement vehicle or a refund. However, there are a few additional details to be aware of:

  1. Refunds: If you elect to receive a refund for your vehicle, you’ll receive what you paid for the vehicle, often including any taxes and fees you paid, too. However, the manufacturer may deduct a portion of the refund to account for the time you used the vehicle before issues arose. This is why it’s so important to act as soon as you notice an issue and to reach out for help as soon as you suspect your Land Rover may be a lemon.
  2. Replacement Vehicles: If you choose to swap your lemon for a replacement vehicle, the manufacturer must provide you with a similar one. That said, similar vehicles aren’t always available, especially for rare makes and models. But if the manufacturer is unable to provide a similar replacement vehicle, they’ll be forced to provide you with a refund instead.
  3. Attorney’s Fees: If we win your case, lemon laws typically force the manufacturer to pay your attorney’s fees. And at Krohn & Moss, Ltd., we don’t get paid unless you do. Thus, the vast majority of our clients never pay a penny out of pocket for our services!

If your Land Rover is a lemon, it’s undoubtedly in your best interest to pursue a claim. And when you recognize that the manufacturer will cover your attorney’s fees when you win, reaching out for legal representation should be your first step.

Touch base with us today for a free case review!

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Thankfully, we have the knowledge and experience to hold those car companies accountable. So, if you think that your Land Rover might be a lemon, reach out to us today to learn how we can help. The sooner you act, the greater your chances of a successful recovery.

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