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Owning a car is essential when living here in Chula Vista, CA. Unfortunately, new and used vehicles alike prove to be unreliable all too often. If you’ve recently purchased a car that turned out to be a Lemon, a Chula Vista Lemon Law lawyer can help you collect the compensation you deserve.

In the State of California vehicles that are purchased with warranties are protected by the state’s Lemon Law. A Lemon is a vehicle that has one or multiple defects, which the manufacturer fails to repair despite being given a reasonable opportunity to do so.

If you’ve recently purchased a new or used vehicle that’s spending more time at the repair shop than on the road, it should qualify as a Lemon. So, don’t just accept your bad luck. The California Lemon Law attorneys at Krohn & Moss, Ltd. have the experience necessary to help you collect the refund or replacement vehicle that the law says you’re owed.

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What Does the Lemon Law in Chula Vista, CA Cover?

In California, the Lemon Law protects consumers from being taken advantage of by automobile companies that sell defective vehicles. The law mandates that manufacturers must accept the return of any Lemons they sell. And in exchange, they must provide the consumer with a replacement vehicle or a refund.

Both new and used vehicles are protected by the Lemon Law in California. Just know that the vehicles must be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty at the time of the first failed repair attempt to qualify. Thus, the law won’t cover classic cars or other older used vehicles.

The Lemon Law here in the Golden State is one of the most consumer-friendly laws in the country. It applies to cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, RVs, motorcycles, some business-owned vehicles, and even boats. The law even covers certified pre-owned and used vehicles still under a manufacturer’s warranty, which many other states exclude.

Protected Vehicles

Defective vehicles must satisfy the following conditions to be protected by Lemon Law in Chula Vista:

  • The gross weight of the vehicle must be less than 10,000 lbs.
  • Vehicles must be leased or purchased within California (exceptions for active military).
  • Vehicles may not be owned by a person or business with more than 5 vehicles registered in California.

Protected Defects

To qualify as a Lemon, vehicles must have a defect or defects that substantially impairs their function, safety, or value. The defect(s) must also be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. And consumers must provide the manufacturer with a “reasonable number” of repair attempts before pursuing a Lemon Law claim.

To satisfy that last condition, Chula Vista residents must provide manufacturers with

  • four repair attempts for any one defect;
  • two repair attempts for any significant safety defect; OR
  • a total of 30 days where the vehicle is out of service for repairs, regardless of the number of defects or repair attempts.

If your vehicle’s defect is still present after these failed repair attempts, it’s a Lemon. So we strongly encourage you to reach out for help collecting the compensation you’ve earned by suffering with your Lemon.

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Common Vehicle Defects

There are a wide variety of defects that could cause your vehicle to qualify as a lemon. Some examples include:

Traditional Motor Vehicles Electrical Vehicles
  Electrical Problems

  Engine failures


  Air Bag Defects

  Computer Defects

  Transmission Problems

  Brake Defects

  Battery Failure

  Braking System Problems

  Failure to Hold A Charge

  Computer Issues

  General Electrical System Issues

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What To Do if You Have a Lemon

If you know or suspect you have a Lemon, it’s helpful to keep records to support your claim. Although we can help you obtain any documents you lack, the following tips will make it easier to prove your claim when the time comes.

  • When visiting the dealership for repairs, request documentation of what work was done on your vehicle. You are entitled to this information. Such documentation includes repair orders, invoices, part orders, etc.
  • Make sure that a complete and accurate description of your vehicle is documented by the service representative.
  • Keep your service records and all important documents pertaining to repairs and visits to your dealership in a safe, secure place- not in your car.
  • Document all phone conversations you have with your dealership or vehicle manufacturer.

If you haven’t followed the above suggestions, don’t worry. Your claim is no less valid. The above tips will help to accelerate the process, but they aren’t requirements. Whether or not you have complete records for every phone call or repair attempt, if you have a Lemon, we can help.

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