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Customers, mechanics and insurers should know that repairs to General Motors (GM) vehicles may be delayed due to a United Auto Workers (UAW) strike. Roughly 48,000 UAW members are walking out, creating costly problems for both GM and the UAW. The longer the strike drags on, the more likely it is that consumers will eventually feel the effects as well.

A spokesman from General Motors confirmed that the availability for replacement parts has already been affected. Dealers are meeting customers’ needs by using inventories from wholesale dealers and ACDelco Distributors.

An Ending Contract

The contract between Detroit’s largest automaker and the UAW is rapidly coming to a close. GM is working to manufacture parts upfront, but it’s a good idea for dealers to confirm part availability before scheduling service. On the other side, customers may want to call dealers beforehand to check on part availability.

Who Is Affected?

Those who have been waiting for 2020 models may experience a backlog, as factories need to get up and running again before production times are back to normal. To put things in perspective, even a one-week shutdown can put a service department two weeks behind.

We Will Provide Updates

Our team at Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center® will continue to keep you updated on the progression of the UAW strike.

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