2015-2018 Mercedes-Benz HVAC Mold/Odor Issue

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Mercedes-Benz is now the subject of a class action lawsuit to due to problems with the HVAC system. The lawsuit claims that the HVAC systems within these Mercedes-Benz models are moldy and emit foul smells. Essentially, the HVAC systems have a defect that caused mold to grow causing the unfortunate smell.

Models affected could include any Mercedes-Benz vehicles manufactured between the years 2015 and 2018, as most of the company’s vehicles made in that period were equipped with the same exact HVAC system.

According to the class action lawsuit, customers already took action to try to fix the HVAC system with no long-lasting solution. They were initially told to fix the vehicle’s air filter and/or flush the HVAC system. This only provided temporary relief and Mercedes-Benz was unable to provide a long-term resolution. The lawsuit alleges that Mercedes-Benz was aware of the mildew problem and never provided an in-warranty permanent fix.

Despite the company’s knowledge of the Mold/Odor issue, Mercedes-Benz has continued to advertise their vehicles as sophisticated and state-of-the-art, with customers paying high prices in line with luxury vehicles. The lawsuit seeks damages for the drivers and all other customers that were affected.

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