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Subaru has recalled 71,190 of 2018 BRZ, Legacy and Outback vehicles due to a software malfunction that causes the screen to display a blank view rather than the view of the rearview camera. While Subaru is not aware of crashes or injuries that are related to this camera malfunction, it can be dangerous for those who rely on the rearview camera.

Specific Vehicles Impacted

If you own any of the following vehicles, make sure to check to see if your vehicle has been recalled:

  • Legacy sedans and Outback wagons that were built from May 18, 2017, through July 23, 2018
  • 2018 BRZ coupes that were built from August 29, 2017, through August 30, 2018

To see if your particular vehicle has been impacted by this recall, you can call Subaru directly at 844-373-6614, and the number regarding this recall is WTZ-85. You can also visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website and enter your VIN to see if your vehicle has been affected. You can visit a Subaru dealership to get the problem fixed free of charge.

How Our Lemon Law Lawyers Can Help

Purchasing a vehicle that has inherent defects is frustrating and potentially scary, as it could cause severe consequences. Our lemon law lawyers have the necessary experience to fight on your behalf to ensure that you get the compensation that you deserve.

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