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A recent Subaru recall affects 228,648 vehicles; more specifically, 2018 Subaru Legacy sedans and Subaru Outback crossovers that were built between February 1st, 2017 and August 17th, 2018. Essentially, the software that controls the fuel system can cause the fuel gauge to show that there is still fuel left in the tank when there isn’t.

More specifically, the low fuel warning light may not actually come on, and the miles to empty display could be inaccurate. The software is causing additional miles to be showing when they are not available.

With any vehicle, you need to be able to rely on the fuel gauge. Knowing how full (or empty!) your gas tank is extremely important when driving, particularly if you are driving a long distance. If you do run out of gas, the engine can stall; fortunately, the vehicle can be driven to the side of the road if it stalls when you are in motion.

For this recall, Subaru expects that every vehicle recalled does carry the fuel gauge defect. As the recall involves a software bug, it is easily fixed by the dealership. Subaru technicians will be able to apply new software, fixing the fuel gauge, allowing drivers to feel at ease at the wheel once more.

Subaru will notify all consumers affected by the recall, and government documents do not list any accidents that have been caused by this recall.

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