Success Stories

Here are some of our recent Lemon Law success stories

Thank you for getting the best and fairest deal from GM

Agnes, I just want to thank you for all that you and your company where able to do for me in the battle with GM over my 2005 Chevrolet Colorado. Your customer service and professionalism is at the top and I am glad that I had you and your company on my side. Thank you again for taking the time and all of the hard work that you put in to ensure that I was getting the best and fairest deal from GM. Best regards.

Hinchen v. Ford Motor Company and Fritts Ford

Ms. Hinchen leased a new 2003 Ford Explorer from Fritts Ford on January 15, 2003. The gross capitalized cost of the vehicle was $45,292.52. Shortly after leasing the vehicle, she began to experience electrical problems, including an inoperable trip meter, the gas gauge registering incorrectly, illumination of a tire fault lamp, inoperable windows and an inoperable message center. She first returned to Ford’s authorized dealerships for her concerns with the electrical system in July 2003 when the vehicle had 13,416 miles on it. Despite repeated repair attempts by Ford’s dealers, Ms. Hinchen was required to return to the dealers on twelve separate occasions for these electrical problems. The case proceeded to jury trial in January 2005 in San Bernardino County. The Defendant, Ford Motor Company, contended that a non-party Ford Dealership installed the wrong instrument cluster on Ms. Hinchen’s first trip to the dealership in July 2003 which caused her continuing electrical problems. Ford further argued that the electrical problems present in the vehicle were corrected and repaired after the correct instrument cluster was put in the vehicle. The jury awarded Ms. Hinchen $15,312.10 and allowed her to keep the vehicle until the end of the lease.

Thank you for your help with my case against Ford Motor Company

To Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center® at the Consumer Law Center: I wanted to thank you for your help with my case against Ford Motor Company. While I was hesitant using any attorney to help me with my 2008 Expedition, my experience with Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center® was a positive one. Alicia Alers, the attorney assigned to my case was extremely helpful, very professional and quick to respond to my phone calls and emails. (And she is a very pleasant person as well!) She walked me through a painless process and helped me settle a very frustrating claim with Ford quickly. I am extremely satisfied with your service and will definitely recommend Ms. Alers as well as Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center® to anyone I know experiencing the same frustrations with their defective automobile. Thank you again.

My expensive Ford F-250 crew cab truck from going to salvage yard

Dear Agnes Martin, I would like to thank you and your staff for their professionalism in handling of my case regarding my Ford F-250 crew cab diesel truck. The truck was an expensive truck that was dangerous to drive and my family would have been at a loss to sell the truck for parts since it was unsafe to drive. I would like to thank you for your time and patience is answering all of my questions with patience and care. I would like to especially thank your legal staff Adrian Rousseaux and Fiorella Jimenez Ciurlizza who always gave me excellent service when I emailed or called them. I would definitely recommend your legal firm. Thank you again for your professionalism. Sincerely.

Medina, Nomar v. American Honda Motor Company

Mr. Medina purchased a new 2003 Honda Accord from Penske Honda in August 2003 for $23,725.18. At 776 miles, Mr. Medina began to experience problems with the vehicle drifting to the left and right. He also experienced a rough idle in the vehicle and a ticking noise from the engine compartment. He returned to Honda’s dealers to address these concerns. Despite repair attempts made by the dealer, Mr. Medina was forced to return to Honda’s dealers for these same concerns on sixteen different occasions. The case proceeded to trial in San Bernardino County in August 2006. Defendant, American Honda Motor Company, alleged that the vehicle did not contain any defects and that the vehicle was repaired in a reasonable time. The jury awarded Mr. Medina a full refund of the purchase price of the vehicle, $23,725.18.

Brunner v. DaimlerChrysler Corporation

Mr. Brunner purchased a new 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee from McCune Chrysler in January 2002 for $28,050.40. He began experiencing a drive belt noise from the engine area in November 2002 and returned to Chrysler’s authorized dealerships for repair. Mr. Brunner continued to have problems with a drive belt noise from the engine, along with a scratching noise and illumination of the check engine light. In addition, Mr. Brunner experienced steering and suspension problem, including a rubbing noise from the vehicle when driving over bumps and a groaning noise from the steering column on turns. Mr. Brunner returned to Chrysler’s dealers on ten separate occasions for his concerns with the vehicle, with the last repair visit occurring on December 2004 when the vehicle had 45,145 miles on it. The case proceeded to jury trial in August 2005 in San Diego County. The Defendant, DaimlerChrysler Corporation, argued that Mr. Brunner’s vehicle did not contain any defects and that none of the problems complained of were substantial in nature. The jury awarded Mr. Brunner the entire cost of his vehicle, $28,050.40.

Isip v. Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC

Ms. Isip purchased a new 2004 Mercedes C320WZ from Caliber Motors in June 2004 for $36,172.09. She began to experience problems with the vehicle stalling when in reverse at 3986 miles. At that time, she also experienced issues with a clunking noise from the rear of the vehicle when in reverse and a strong odor from the air conditioning. Despite repair attempts made by Mercedes’ dealers for these concerns, Ms. Isip was required to return to Mercedes’ dealers on at least seven occasions for various problems with her vehicle, including an engine knock, the vehicle overheating, and a thumping from the transmission from putting the vehicle into gear. The case proceeded to trial in Los Angeles County in March 2006. Defendant, Mercedes-Benz, argued that the problems Ms. Isip experienced with the vehicle were not substantial and did not rise to the level of a defect. The jury awarded Ms. Isip $20,000.00 and allowed her to keep the vehicle.

Dorothy Charpentier

I am very pleased with the outcome that Krohn and Moss, Ltd. Got for me and would highly recommend them to anyone who has similar issues.

Gilbert Ye & Jurgita Slimaite Ye

They communicated excellently, actually walked us through what they expect, walked us through what we needed to do, what we needed to provide, which was actually not much, walked us through what we expect from the opponents and basically gave us the information we needed in a way that was very easy to comprehend.

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