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Isip v. Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC

-Marisa Isip, California

Ms. Isip purchased a new 2004 Mercedes C320WZ from Caliber Motors in June 2004 for $36,172.09. She began to experience problems with the vehicle stalling when in reverse at 3986 miles. At that time, she also experienced issues with a clunking noise from the rear of the vehicle when in reverse and a strong odor from the air conditioning. Despite repair attempts made by Mercedes’ dealers for these concerns, Ms. Isip was required to return to Mercedes’ dealers on at least seven occasions for various problems with her vehicle, including an engine knock, the vehicle overheating, and a thumping from the transmission from putting the vehicle into gear. The case proceeded to trial in Los Angeles County in March 2006. Defendant, Mercedes-Benz, argued that the problems Ms. Isip experienced with the vehicle were not substantial and did not rise to the level of a defect. The jury awarded Ms. Isip $20,000.00 and allowed her to keep the vehicle.

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