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Louisiana’s Unique Motor Vehicle Laws

Louisiana has unique laws related to motor vehicle warranty, including eligibility requirements related to the vehicle and the consumer. Eligible vehicles include the following, granted they are sold in the state of Louisiana: passenger motor vehicles, passenger and commercial motor vehicles, personal watercraft or all-terrain vehicles, and the chassis and drive train of a motor home. Eligible consumers include purchasers of the vehicle if purpose of the purchase was for personal, family, or household use and subject to the manufacturer’s express warranty, a person to whom the motor vehicle was transferred (not for the purpose of resale) or leased, or any other person entitled to enforce the warranty.

Louisiana State Lemon Law Relevant Aspects

Information about all other relevant aspects of Louisiana state lemon law can be found in the document linked below. The document is in a printable PDF format.

Questions About Louisiana State Lemon Laws

If after reading the document, you have any questions or concerns related to motor vehicle warranty regarding your vehicle or your eligibility for remedies under Louisiana state lemon law including compensation from the auto manufacturer, feel free to contact one of our representatives at Krohn & Moss Consumer Law Center by calling 1 (800) 875-3666 or sending us a message.

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