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Motor vehicle warranty law varies from state to state. Kentucky has its own unique structure of lemon laws to protect consumers against nonconforming motor vehicles. In Kentucky, lemon laws apply to vehicles that are intended for operation on public highways, required to be registered in Kentucky for such operation, have been finally and completely assembled, and are in fact new (the title has not been previously issued). Kentucky lemon law does not apply to vehicles such as motor homes, motorcycles, mopeds, farming equipment such as tractors, vehicles with more than two axels, and those altered substantially after the initial sale from the dealer.

You will find the link to a printable PDF document below with a more comprehensive list of Kentucky state lemon laws and requirements to be eligible for remedies under Kentucky lemon law.

If after reading the document, you have any questions or would like to speak with a Kentucky lemon law attorney, feel free to contact us at the Krohn & Moss Consumer Law Center by calling 1 (800) 875-3666 or by sending us a message. If you are still unsure whether your vehicle is considered a “lemon” or whether you are eligible to receive compensation from the auto maker, please do not hesitate to contact one of our representatives at the phone number listed above.

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