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If you live in San Francisco or the Bay area, you know all too well how important it is to have a reliable vehicle. Having your vehicle break down on you unexpectedly can bring unnecessary stress and financial hardship into your life.

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What is a Lemon Exactly? 

A vehicle that has a significant, warranty-covered defect, which the manufacturer is unable to fix in a reasonable amount of time, is known as a lemon. The features and limitations of Lemon Laws vary by state, but the principal purpose remains the same—to protect consumers from the carelessness and greed of auto manufacturers. 

Fortunately, California provides some of the most comprehensive protections available anywhere in the country. Keep reading to learn more about the features of the Lemon Law in San Francisco.

How Does the Lemon Law in San Francisco Work? 

To be covered by the Lemon Law in San Francisco, you must have a qualifying vehicle, a qualifying warranty, a qualifying defect, and be able to file a claim within the timeframe dictated by the law. 

Qualifying Vehicles

The California Lemon Law applies to a wide range of vehicles, including most ​​passenger vehicles weighing less than 10,000 lbs. This means most cars, pick-up trucks, vans, and SUVs can qualify for Lemon status if they meet the remaining conditions.

Qualifying Defects

To qualify as a Lemon, your vehicle must have a defect that significantly impairs its safety, use, or value. If your vehicle has such a defect, the Lemon Law in San Francisco requires you to give the manufacturer at least four chances to repair the problem, or just two if the defect could seriously impact your safety. 

If they are unsuccessful after these attempts, you likely qualify to file a Lemon Law claim. Alternatively, if your vehicle has been out of service while waiting for repairs for more than 30 days, you also qualify to file a claim, regardless of the number of repair attempts. 

Qualifying Warranties

Most importantly, the defect on your vehicle must be covered by the original warranty. You can still report your vehicle to the manufacturer if the warranty has expired—however, the warranty must have been in effect when it was first taken in for repairs.

Time Limitations

In California, you typically have up to 4 years to file a Lemon Law claim after first taking your vehicle into the shop for repairs. While you have up to 4 years, we always recommend you file as soon as possible. 

What Compensation Does the San Francisco Lemon Law Provide?

The Lemon Law dictates the manufacturer must give you either a refund or a replacement vehicle if your vehicle is determined to be a lemon. In some cases, you may receive a cash settlement in place of a refund or replacement. The amount of compensation you receive will depend on your specific circumstances and the type of vehicle you own or lease. 

If you have more questions about what’s covered by the Lemon Law in San Francisco, take a look through our California Lemon Law FAQs. Afterward, reach out to our California Lemon Law attorneys to schedule your free case review.  

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Krohn & Moss, Ltd. makes the claim process easy and stress-free. Our attorneys handle every aspect of your case, including sending written notices, filing claims, and speaking in arbitration on your behalf. With our team on your side, you can relax while we fight for the compensation you deserve. 

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We’re proud to offer FREE CASE REVIEWS for all of our clients. Additionally, we don’t charge anything unless we win or settle your case. Even when we win, the Lemon Law in California specifies that the manufacturer must cover your attorney expenses. 

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