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2020 Mazda Vehicles Recalled Over Dangerous Loose Bolts

Mazda has identified an issue relating to the front brake caliper bolts, which may loosen and fall off while the car is on the road. The consequence of loosening bolts includes reduced brake performance and/or wheel rotation interference, both of which could potentially cause a crash. Mazda is urging owners of Mazda CX-30s and Mazda3…

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Honda & Acura Vehicles Recalled for Stall Risk

Honda is recalling 136,057 vehicles from its U.S. Acura and Honda brands to replace faulty fuel pumps. The vehicles in question are 2018-2020 models that might have fuel pumps that have defective parts. These parts may lead to a loss in engine power or stalling, ultimately increasing the risk of an accident. However, Honda is…

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Nissan Altima Recall Expanded for Vehicles With Faulty Hoods

Jul 24, 2020

Nissan has issued multiple recalls in recent years for vehicles with hoods that open unexpectedly while on the road. The issue lies in a faulty hatch, which was improperly painted, causing premature corrosion. The corrosion resulted in misalignment when the hood was closed and an unstable hold. According to Nissan, the company has received 16…

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Ford Recalls 25K Vehicles Due to Issue with Pre-Collision Assist

Ford Motor Company recently issued a recall of roughly 25,000 vehicles due to the pre-collision feature not being enabled. In the case that drivers are relying on this feature to work, it could result in an accident. When it works correctly, the pre-collision assist feature acts as a forward collision warning that alerts the driver…

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Mitsubishi Recalls Over 140,000 Vehicles Due to Suspension Issue

Mitsubishi Motors North America are in the process of recalling 141,200 vehicles after discovering that their front suspension systems may become corroded when exposed to saltwater. Once the corrosion has begun, certain components may become detached and cause the driver to lose control and have an accident. The recall is focused on the “Salt Belt”…

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New Subaru Impreza, Outback, Ascent and Legacy Vehicles Recalled Due to Stall Risk

Subaru drivers should be aware of an important recall that revolves around faulty fuel pumps that may cause the engine to stall. Drivers may notice that the engine is running rough; making loud noises, shaking, or the check engine light illuminated on the dashboard. The faulty fuel pumps may develop cracks and ultimately fail, and…

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Ford and Lincoln Vehicles Recalled for Automatic Braking Issue

Certain 2020 Ford Expeditions and Lincoln Navigator vehicles have been identified as being equipped with nonfunctioning Pre-Collision Assist Features. The impacted features include the automatic emergency braking (AEB) and forward collision warning (FCW) systems, both of which are designed to reduce the severity of an impact. These systems have been shown to fail without warning…

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2.15 Million Ford Vehicles Recalled Due to Faulty Door Latches & Brakes

Over 2 million North American Ford vehicles, including the Ford F-150, are being recalled due to a faulty door latch that may result in car doors opening when moving. Recalled vehicles are also experiencing brake issues that may make it difficult for specific models to stop safely. The Door Latch Portion Regarding the door-latch issue,…

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Hyundai Recalls Vehicles Due to Smart Parking Assist Flaw

Beginning June 4, 2020, Hyundai is recalling certain Sonata models and Nexo fuel cell SUVs because of a software issue affecting the Smart Parking Assist feature. When working properly, the feature moves the car into or out of a perpendicular parking space with minor steering adjustments. This feature does not require that a human driver…

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Ram Truck and Jeep SUV Recall Due to Faulty Windshield Wipers

An estimated 425,000 Jeep Compass SUVs and Ram 1500 trucks from 2019 and 2020 model years are being recalled due to a faulty part in the windshield wiper. The nut that attaches to the wiper assembly was replaced with a slightly different version, causing the defect. This defect could cause windshield wipers to fail and…

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