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Drivers of the 2020 Toyota Highlander should be aware of a recent recall issued due to the potential of stalling while driving. Toyota is recalling over 38,000 brand-new Highlander SUVs due to a problem with the vehicle’s automatic stop-start feature. This fuel-saving effort may shut the engine of the car off while the car is not in motion, however, the system may shut off the engine when the car is in motion by mistake. This potential error puts drivers and others on the road at risk, especially if the car is traveling at high speeds.

One thing drivers can do if they know that their vehicle is part of this recall is to immediately turn off the auto stop-start feature once the vehicle has been started.

Impacted Vehicles

All 2020 Toyota Highlander vehicles that were manufactured between June 24th, 2019 and March 4, 2020 are part of this recall.

Fixing the Problem

In order to fix the problem, Toyota will update the engine management software on impacted vehicles. Toyota reports that this particular software is not used on other Toyota or Lexus vehicles, and hybrid models of the 2020 Highlander are not impacted.

Owners can contact the car manufacturer directly by calling 888-270-9371, and the number for this recall is 20TA06.

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