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Tesla is recalling roughly 14,193 of its Model X SUVs that were built before mid-October 2016. The power steering bolts have the potential to become excessively corroded as a result of road salts that are utilized in cold weather. Tesla issued a similar recall in March 2018 for certain Model S sedans.

Tesla announced via a written statement that impacted vehicles have excessive corrosion on the bolts that hold together a particular component in the vehicle’s power steering system. The corrosion is linked to vehicles that are driven in cold climates when calcium or magnesium is used in the salt on the roads instead of sodium chloride. In the case that a bolt was to break completely, this could result in the loss of the vehicle’s power steering, although the driver may be able to still steer the car.

Watch for Warning Signs

Warning signs that corrosion is occurring include significant screeching and whining noises in addition to audio or visual warnings that appear on the car.

Tesla is not currently aware of any injuries or crashes related to the issue, and Tesla drivers can continue to drive their vehicles until they are fixed.

How Tesla is Remedying the Problem

Tesla is inspecting and repairing the aluminum bolts with coated steel bolts and apply an additional sealant to prevent further corrosion. All repairs will be made free of charge. While Tesla is contacting owners of affected vehicles, drivers can also input their VIN onto the NHTSA website to see if their car was affected.

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