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Subaru is recalling approximately 76,842 Ascent SUVs of the 2019 model year. The recall is due to a transmission problem that may cause vehicles to unexpectedly slow down while driving, putting drivers and surrounding vehicles at risk. Specifically, the hesitation in these vehicles is due to a faulty pressor sensor within the transmission, providing a false reading that ultimately causes the transmission to reduce hydraulic pressure. This causes the vehicle to slow down unexpectedly. 

It’s possible that drivers will notice irregular noises, vibration while driving and/or a warning light that illuminates on the dashboard. Subaru has not heard of any crashes or injuries that are related to the recall. 

The Fix

Subaru is updating the software in the transmission of the affected vehicles and it will replace any damaged parts for free. To see if your specific vehicle has been impacted by this recall, you can call Subaru directly at 844-373-6614. All impacted owners should have been contacted as of January 24th, 2020. You can also visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website and enter your VIN to see if you need to take action. 

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