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About 928,000 Toyota vehicles are in the final stages of a recall due to high-risk airbags that are ready for their final and permanent replacement. The airbags were being replaced with Takata airbags until the “final remedy” airbags became available.  According to Toyota, this final recall phase is being completed ahead of schedule.

This means that over 900,000 vehicles will have to return to Toyota dealerships to replace the Takata airbags with the permanent airbags. Depending on the specific vehicle model, dealers will replace the front passenger or driver airbag inflator and/or airbag assembly. 

What Was the Original Problem?

When the initial recall announcement came out, Toyota noted that the front airbags on the passenger side needed to be replaced due to the possibility of the airbag propelling sharp metal fragments if it were deployed. This could injure both the driver and other passengers in the vehicle.

See If Your Vehicle Was Impacted

To see if your vehicle was involved in the original Toyota recall, you can call Toyota’s customer service at 888-270-9371 or contact Lexus’ customer service at 800-255-3987. You can also check the NHTSA’s website and enter your VIN number to determine if your vehicle was impacted. 

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