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Fiat Chrysler has issued a recall for approximately 298,000 Dodge Dart sedans due to broken shifter cables. Dodge says these broken cables are caused by a bushing which can wear the cable out and cause it to separate from the automatic transmission.

Broken cables render the gear selectors useless, compromising many critical driving functions, including keeping the vehicle parked. Faulty shift levers feel unusually light to the touch when moving between positions.

Cars Affected

A total of 298,439 Dodge Dart sedans are affected by this recall, with vehicles ranging between 2013 and 2016 model years. Fiat Chrysler says it has no knowledge of any accidents or injuries resulting from the defect.

Fiat Chrysler first discovered the issue through software analysis, and dealers are able to replace the shifter cable bushing with a stronger part. If you are unsure if your vehicle has been affected, you can visit the Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website and enter your VIN number to see if it is a faulty model.

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