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Nissan has recalled over 86,000 vehicles of the 2009 Murano because of a potential defect involving the antilock brake system (ABS). The defect stems from valves within the ABS that do not properly close. This interferes with the amount of brake pedal travel necessary to stop the vehicle.

The defect makes it possible for fluid to enter into an accumulator which can cause the brake pedal to increase a small amount. Sufficient braking force is still maintained when the pedal travels the additional distance, but the initial increase in brake pedal travel may result in an increased stopping distance.

An Open Investigation

The federal agency has opened up an investigation regarding 2009 Nissan Muranos starting in April of 2018, and the investigation is still marked as open. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported 14 crashes in addition to three non-life-threatening injuries that are related to this recall. There are 484 consumer complaints about the defect.

The Remedy

Nissan reports that dealers will flush the brake system in the affected vehicles using DOT 4 fluid. ABS Hydraulic Control Units will also be replaced free of charge.

To see if your vehicle is affected, enter your VIN number on the NHTSA website.

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