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In a recent recall, Ford announced that they would be recalling nearly one million pickups due to an engine block heater issue. The recent model F-150’s and Super Duty pickups that are equipped with engine block heaters are at risk of fire, so it is important to see your Ford dealer if you purchased one of these pickups.

The issue stems from water and other contaminants being able to seep into the block heater’s splice connector, which can lead to corrosion. When this corrosion occurs, damage can also happen. A short is at risk of happening with this damage, leading to a malfunctioning block heater.

If your vehicle has a broken block heater, different scenarios could potentially happen. It could just stop working, which will lead to your engine freezing, or could result in tripled breakers in your car’s electrical network. Worse comes to worse, it could even lead to a fire.

Ford has let consumers know that at least three fires have resulted from this corrosion in the engine block heater splice connector.

In the United States, over 400,000 pickups are a part of the recall, so make sure to look up to see if your pickup is affected.

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