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Toyota’s recent recall is for 188,000 vehicles whose air bag may not deploy during a crash, with 168,000 vehicles within the United States. The recall includes 2018 and 2019 Tundra and Sequoia SUV’s, as well as the new 2019 Avalon sedan.

Ultimately, the issue is that the air bag may not deploy during a crash due to a defect in the programming. Specifically, there was faulty programming in the airbag electronic control unit. When the vehicle starts, one or more of the sensors that identifies crashes could potentially be disabled. Due to this default, the side and curtain shield airbags, as well as the front and knee airbags run the risk of not deploying.

In the recall release, Toyota did not specify if there were any accidents related to the recall.

Toyota does have a fix for the issue; Toyota dealers will be able to update the air bag control unit’s programming for free. Those that are affected will be receiving notification via mail by the end of October 2018. However, if you believe you may be affected, you can contact Toyota’s customer center at 800-331-4331 at any time. Additionally, you can search any active recalls at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website with your VIN number.

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