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Owners of 2007 and 2008 model-year Acura TL sedans will soon receive a letter asking them to bring their car in for repairs to a defective steering hose. It has been found that over time, the hoses can deteriorate, which can cause the cars to leak fluid or even start a fire. In 2008, Honda recalled 273,000 Acura TLs for a similar problem.

If you are having issues with the power steering on an Acura TL or experiencing any other problems with the vehicle, please visit Krohn & Moss, Ltd. at or call them toll free at 1-800-US Lemon (800-875-3666). A consumer attorney will review your submission and contact you right away to discuss your rights.

Krohn & Moss, Ltd.was founded in 1995 and has helped over 50,000 consumers nationwide to enforce their lemon law rights against automobile manufacturers and distributors of other consumer products.

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