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27 Nov 2014
Understanding the Lemon Law - New Cars
Each state varies when it comes to determining if a vehicle is a lemon. However, there are general guidelines that let consumers know if they need to take up an issue with either a manufacturer or a dealership. It is easier to enact the lemon law for a new car, but used vehicles are also protected by the lemon law to a certain extent. If you purchase a new vehicle and the brakes malfunction, the steering locks, or the car inexplicably stalls while driving, you could have a possible lawsuit against the manufacturer under the lemon law regulations. Below is some basic information about how the... Continue reading »
20 Aug 2014
Win for Krohn & Moss - Broomes against General Motors
Lemon laws are designed to protect consumers from struggling with a defective vehicle. If your vehicle qualifies for relief under either state or federal law, you may be eligible for compensation from the manufacturer. We believe that knowing the “ins and outs” of both state and federal law made the difference in the following case: On August 14, 2014, the Mississippi Supreme Court reversed an order from the Jackson County Circuit Court which had inappropriately dismissed a breach of warranty action filed by Moss Point residents, Paul and Terri Broome, against General Motors, LLC. The... Continue reading »
13 Aug 2014
Hyundai Vehicle Recall
Within the last week, General Motors, Hyundai, Mitsubishi and Suzuki ordered the recall of approximately 1.75 million vehicles, model years 2001 through 2014.   Among the recalls are some GM’s 2013-2014  Chevrolet Caprice and 2014 Chevrolet SS, depending the date of manufacture.  In the affected vehicle, the windshield wiper motor gear teeth may strip, causing the windshield wipers to become inoperative.  GM is also recalling certain 2014 Corvettes, due to an improper weld on the rear shock absorbers.  The shock absorber tubes may separate from the shock absorber clevis brackets, resulting in... Continue reading »
25 Jun 2014
 Air Bag Flaw - Honda Recalls 3,000,000 Vehicles
Honda Motor Company has recalled 2.9 million more vehicles with potentially explosive air bags.  In total, Honda has recalled about 10.5 million vehicles over the past five years in a series of recalls related to the driver-side and passenger-side airbags.  The recall now ranks among the top five largest recalls ever.  At the request of the national Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Nissan and Chrysler are also recalling vehicles in high humidity regions of the United States with air bags supplied by the same air bag manufacturer as the Hondas. The air bag inflators installed in the... Continue reading »
31 Oct 2013
Toyota Loses Unintended Acceleration Claim
Toyota Motor Corp. was ordered to pay $3 million in an Oklahoma case claiming a defect in a Camry caused the vehicle to unintentionally accelerate, leading to an accident that left one woman dead and another injured.According to the plaintiffs' attorney, the jury awarded $1.5 million for each claim. The jury found the Camry's electronic system was defective and Toyota acted with "reckless" disregard. A settlement regarding punitive damages has been reach, but the amount has not been disclosed. According to the plaintiffs' lawyer, the 2005 Camry driven by Jean Bookout, then 76, sped out of... Continue reading »
29 Oct 2013
American Honda Motor settled class-action lawsuit
American Honda Motor Co. recently settled a class-action lawsuit that alleged it manufactured 1,593,755 defective vehicles that excessively burn oil and require frequent spark plug replacements. The settlement pertains to all U.S. purchasers and lessees of 2008-12 Accords, 2008-13 Odysseys, 2009-13 Pilots, 2010-11 Accord Crosstours and 2012 Crosstour vehicles equipped with six-cylinder engines that have variable cylinder management. Accord vehicles with four-cylinder engines are excluded from the settlement. The original lawsuit alleged the vehicles contained a "systematic design defect that... Continue reading »


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